Prevent Muscle Wasting

Posted: January 21, 2020

We lose muscle mass as we age. In order to prevent muscle wasting, we must engage in a strength training program.

Strength training programs can be safe, fun and prevent age-related weight gain.

Lack of muscle causes weakness and frailty. Once we hit 30, our muscles will begin to deteriorate unless used.

Today is the day to plan for your future! If you think you’re too old, or too tired to exercise…it only will get worse.

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Sitting is aging and causes weight gain. We live sedentary lives on phones, at desks, and on computers. Sitting is a favorite past time as we binge-watch our favorite shows.

Want to look younger, stand taller, and feel vital?
You’ve got to prevent muscle wasting with these simple do-able steps.

  1. Start a functional strength training program. Building muscle happens when we put our body to a challenge that it is not used to. This can be done in a safe and effective manner. I coach my parents 2 X weekly at 83 and 84. They lift kettlebells, push a sled, and squat, bend, press and pull weights safely!
  2. Begin with bodyweight exercises at home or in a gym or class. It’s amazing how many people cannot get up out of a chair without using their arms! Can you? If you can, try it from a sitting position on one leg!
  3. Prevent weakness and a frail body. Train for functional strength. This will keep you from falling as you age. Falling is a huge component as we age due to lack of muscle, and lack of core and glute strength.
  4. Functional strength training can be done at any age. You should be able to bend, squat, push, pull and twist your own body without getting injured. Next, you should be able to do those things lifting a weight.
  5. Find a coach or class that focuses on functional strength. This will be one of the best investments you can make in your future to prevent muscle wasting!

Everyone ages. But HOW you age is what matters!

Start today with a program that firms, tones, and strengthens your body for life.

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Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!
Coach Dawn

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