Preventing Age-Related Muscle Loss

Posted: September 20, 2021

Preventing age-related muscle loss is one of the best ways to slow the aging process.

With the loss of muscle mass, we get weaker, have poorer posture, and are more likely to fall due to not being strong enough to balance.

As we age, many of us lead more sedentary lives, and we simply don’t engage our muscles like we used to. 

From the time we hit our 30’s if you are not doing something to build new muscle tissue…it is already starting to deplete.

With a rate of approximately 8% per decade after 30, now is the time to practice prevention since by the time you are 50, that rate of muscle loss doubles! And, most of us will live to be well past our 50’s, 60’s and even 70s!

SO…think about how strong (or weak) you are right now…and imagine that being compounded each year.

Now, imagine how you walk…do you shuffle with your feet barely coming off of the ground?

Are you able to open jars and bottles, or do you need help?
Did you know that there are studies of the direct correlation to grip strength, confidence, and mortality?

It is imperative that you begin a program that creates functional strength so that you can prevent muscle wasting as you age.

Functional strength is the ability to squat, bend, push, pull, reach, twist and lift something, including your body without injury or pain.

These are movements that are necessary to perform everyday tasks – as in picking something up off of the floor, getting in and out of chairs and cars, walking up and down stairs easily, and reaching for objects.
Preventing age-related muscle loss is something that can be done at any age.

Not to mention, it prepares you for picking up grandkids and groceries, doing yard work, or sport-related activities as in golf, or yoga.

If you are strong enough to do these with your own body weight, then it is time to add in resistance training to keep the muscles and flexibility that you have.

You can definitely slow the pace of an aging body with exercise, and proper nutrition…it’s just up to you to stay on the path to vitality starting now!

The other largest factor in an aging body is the lack of protein that is necessary to prevent muscle wasting and to rebuild and repair muscle tissue.

I drink a protein shake AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY. 
My superfood protein shake tastes delicious and I drink it with either almond, or coconut milk…and a bit of ice in the blender.


Here are several ways to prevent muscle loss as you age:

  • Resistance bands, dumbbell workouts, and home bodyweight workouts are great ways to add new muscle tissue to your frame.
  • Practicing perfect form in front of a mirror, or with a coach, ensures you that your posture is in check while performing exercises. This is about injury prevention as well!
  • In addition to exercise, be sure to take in enough protein. Protein is necessary to repair, rebuild and prevent muscle loss after activity.
  • Cardio-style exercises are great for your heart and lungs, but an excess of them will cause muscle loss. Be sure to balance out your cardio exercise with strength training.
  • Incorporate balance training that has you focusing mentally on what body parts you are using. 

Standing up straight with your head over your shoulders, and your shoulders over your hips, with your spine elongated, and your glutes tight is a great start. 

Walk like this. Stand like this. And, prevent aging with these tips!

And, know what it feels like to engage every muscle so that you can stay strong and aware of your surroundings to prevent falls.

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