Probiotics for Weight Loss

Posted: July 17, 2019

By now you know that probiotics are a must. Probiotics are great for gut health, balancing mood, and probiotics for weight loss are now helping thousands.

We used to think that is was only what we ate. Now we are aware that it’s how we digest what we ate. If our guts are in trouble and our digestive system is poor…we’ll hang on to the pounds.

Even if you eat a stellar diet, there are trillions of good belly bugs that need your assistance. They need to be fortified due to the assault they are under daily.


With antibiotic use, poor quality of foods, and a host of other issues that keep weight on…we need probiotics for weight loss and to balance out the internal intestinal system.

I’m sure you’ve also heard the word “microbiome?”

Your microbiome cannot flourish with the invaders that are attacking it.

Of course, if you eat a lot of fermented foods, never eat out and have a stellar digestive system, you may be ok.
But, I doubt it.

Do you have belly pain, bathroom issues, excess belly fat, and chronic gas? What about that bloated feeling after a meal, even if it’s a healthy one?

For the last few years, I’ve recommended people use probiotics to improve overall health and to lose weight faster. However…

The #1 reason people don’t do this is that probiotics are expensive AND it’s hard to know which one to take. And I get it…

Who wants to do all the research, right? The good news is…

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My favorite part of taking this supplement is how much better my tummy feels! In fact:

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– Most of all… I look and feel leaner after taking this! 

DESPITE the fact that I hadn’t changed anything except for taking these probiotics. So..

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Here’s to your slimmer belly and a happier you!
Coach Dawn

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