Protein- The Critical Nutrient for Women

Posted: September 18, 2018

I get asked all the time. “What is the most important nutrient in my diet?” Although you need all of the nutrients, I find them deficient in protein most often. So, with that being said, Protein, The critical nutrient for women is key in today’s post.

Protein repairs, and rebuilds muscle. As we age, we lose muscle which adds to age-related weakness and age-related weight gain.

If we are dieting, we must cut out sugary carbohydrates, and eat some healthy fats. What we must never skimp on is protein. The average woman needs approximately 1 gram of protein from plants and animals. This is for each pound of lean body weight daily.

Protein can come from meat, fish, dairy, plants and beans to name a few.

If you are a woman that does a lot of cardio and diets regularly by cutting calories…you are most likely protein deficient. Too much cardio as in running and cycling can burn through precious muscle tissue.

When you have more muscle on your body, you have a faster metabolic rate. This burns calories even while you are at rest. The best way to add on lean muscle tissue as you age, is by doing functional strength training moves.

Functional strength will keep you balanced and strong with a flatter belly and more confidence and your posture will make you appear leaner.

If you add protein to every meal, it will keep you fuller for longer, and reduce that urge to overeat or binge.

Start every day with a protein smoothie or eggs and a small addition of some healthy fats as in grass-fed butter or coconut oil, and some flax or chia seeds. Eat a slice of Ezekiel toast with the meal for added energy and to keep you full until your next meal.

For a follow along workout program that adds on lean muscle tissue and you can do at home,


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