Reduce Back Pain with Stretches

Posted: November 10, 2019

Most of us experience back pain at some point in our lives. I’m going to give you the best tool you’ll ever use to reduce back pain with stretches.

Your doctor or physical therapist may be overlooking the key muscles that you may not even have heard of. They are your hip flexors.

Where are your hip flexors? They are deep inside of where your body bends at the front, and they wrap around to the back of your body.

If these are tight, you’ll most likely have more issues than just back pain.

You may have other issues that you are not even aware of due to your hip flexors being “locked.”

Fatigue and leg pain could be only part of your complaint. You may have a loss of range of motion in your hips. You may even have a reduced sex drive or belly fat all because your hip flexors are tight.

My tailbone was injured years ago. I had chronic hip and back pain. I saw chiropractors. I saw doctors and had massages. Even with my 20+ years in the field of exercise, I was at a loss of how to reduce my pain.

Acupuncture and Pilates, yoga and foam rolling were things I tried. They worked momentarily and then my pain would come back.

Getting to the root of the pain is imperative. Unfortunately, not one of the tools I used, or the doctors got to the root of where my pain was originating. I spent hundreds of dollars with zero relief.

I limped when I got up from sitting. I was tired of the pain. I could barely exercise, and ended up gaining a little weight because of it!

I’ll be you used to feel better right?

When I was younger, I used to be known as the energizer bunny. I was on my way to a fitness summit and I was slightly embarrassed when I would get up, because I had to do it slowly due to my hips, back and legs being SO tight!

A kinesiologist that I met at an event changed my life. He was sitting near me at the fitness summit as if it were fate!

This knowledgeable guy known as the “Exercises for Injuries” guru, has changed my life. We are now friends and nearly all of our gym members use his program!

He created a series of movement patterns that reduce back pain with stretches. But they are not all about stretching your back.

When you do these stretches, they get right to the core of where your body is tight. They are so unique, that you won’t even believe what other issues are unlocked when you start these stretches.

Pain should not be something to “get used to”. Noone should take pain meds or muscle relaxers when they have a tool that is harmless and will literally change the way you feel, move and even look. Everyone that has ever felt it, knows they’d do nearly anything to reduce back pain.

Click here so that you can start today with simple movement patterns that you can do at home. These will free up the muscles that no one seems to ever get to.

Eliminate your pain starting today. Don’t suffer another day without checking out the links above so that you can move freely and live a life of vitality as I do now!

Coach Dawn

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