Release a cocktail of anti-aging hormones

Posted: October 21, 2018

Are you suffering from a “lost mojo?”  Most likely you are feeling that time is getting the better half of your life. If you are too tired to exercise, you are not alone. As a woman in her last year of her 50’s, I have created a plan to release a cocktail of anti-aging hormones in less than 10 minutes daily! Check it out here!

What consistently burns more calories than an hour long run and burns calories while you are asleep?

Firm. Youthful. Lean, muscle. Unfortunately, it’s also the one thing that women lack, and is one of the reasons for age-related weight gain.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue. As we age, right around 30 to be exact, we start a rapid increase of gaining weight.

This is usually the time that most women start to follow a calorie-cutting diet, and doing cardio, which is the worst combo, and can actually work against you.

We usually blame weight gain on hormones, but mainly it’s due to a lack of activity, muscle loss, AND, poor dietary habits.

And,  those extra pounds land right on our most embarrassing trouble areas…our belly and our hips.

You know that term, “middle-aged spread?”

So, how does a woman get leaner? How does she raise a metabolism that has been “shut down” for years?

Research has shown that with even the slightest addition of lean muscle tissue, your body will increase the number of calories it burns, even when you are doing nothing.

This is known as the “afterburn effect.”  This means that with even a 1-2% increase, and a little tone in your muscles, you will be burning calories while sitting at your desk, watching T.V., or even sleeping!

This also means that you will be able to eat more, and exercise less since your anti-aging hormones will do the work for you!

In less than ten minutes daily, by using specific movement patterns…

You can flatten and strengthen your core, firm up your rear end, and tighten up your back and arms without ever leaving home.

Forget the old school workout methods that beat your body…check out my ageless body secret here!

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