Reliable Health Information for women Over 40

Posted: October 20, 2022

If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to stay healthy, lose weight, and boost immunity, search no more. Searching for those topics will land you on a bunch of worthless ads. What you want is reliable health information for women over 40. The key word is reliable, and the goal is to keep you stronger as you age.

I have been in the wellness industry for 25+ years. As a women’s coach, and gym owner, I see the mistakes that women make. Many women rely on trendy diets, supplements, and powders that have no worth. And, a lot of women suffer from chronic health issues once they hit 40.

A woman’s body changes throughout life. We need specific nutrients, and a way of exercising that keeps us strong, and energized. One of the reasons we gain weight, is that we lose muscle mass due to sedentary lives.

Most women have tried many diets, and are still trying to take the weight off. Unless you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to keep it a lifestyle, you’ll stay stuck.

My goal is to help women live energized, vital and fit lives as each decade approaches. The methods that I coach women to use are not trends, but based in science, and what I have witnessed over 25+ years of ONLY coaching women.

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