Revive and Reshape Your Tired Body

Posted: April 19, 2017

Too tired to even think about working out? Lost your zest for life and feel like you are aging fast? Boy do I understand that. If you are ready to revive and reshape your tired body…but think those days are behind you…keep reading.

I have a disorder that has most women suffering from exhaustion, brain fog, and digestive disorders.

Years back, I remember my mother lying on the couch with extreme fatigue at 65…going from doctor to doctor…with no answer in site!

But…my nickname now is “the energizer bunny”, and my mother feels and looks better at 80, then she did 15 years ago.

I’m going to tell you how I went from putting on weight and wearing baggy clothes, to a 57 year old, energized and strong woman, that wears a bikini…


And my mother?  People guess her to be 15 years younger now that she uses my plan and she is moving, feeling, and looking better than she has in years!

When diet’s don’t work, and you don’t want to go to a gym. Or, when you think you have tried all forms of exercise and are too tired to do cardio, a dance class or to exercise for hours.
Forget what your friends are doing. Get in on the ageless secret that has changed how women over 40 look at exercise.



Sharing ways for women to remain fit and lean, strong and vital without hours in the gym, or calorie counting diets…

-Coach Dawn

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