Rules for Optimal Health

Posted: September 23, 2013

Optimal Health comes with a set of rules. If we want to live long, strong and vital lives, we must adhere to certain practices. Of course our gene pool, age, gender and ethnicity come into play, but we now know that we can trick all of those and come out ahead if we practice “Wellness”.

Most people subscribe to a “sickness” lifestyle. They smoke, drink too much, don’t exercise, and spend a lot of time unhappy. Those are all choices. Those are all things that will shorten your life, make it more expensive, make it hurt more in the long run, and set you up for illness.

What if you were to start changing things that ARE in your control? What if you started that practice NOW?
Set yourself up for victory. What I mean is this. Commit to one thing daily that you will change…for just that day. So right now while you are reading this, let’s say you will not drink anything else tonight that is not plain water. See…it’s 7:00 pm….you might have 4 more hours of being awake…just water. Done. Easy. You just did something great for your health.

Now imagine if you could do that every day with something. How about tomorrow, eating vegetables with 3 meals? How about committing to 15 minutes of exercise? How about going to bed at 11:00, with no laptop, cellphone, or electronic device on…just calm, dark…ready for a good nights sleep?

These practices are exactly that. Practices. Since the time you were very young, your parents told you the best way to achieve something was…TO PRACTICE IT. They are still right.

So, this is your friendly reminder. Practice wellness daily. Don’t worry about next week, a diet fad, what your friend is doing, or if you will succeed or fail.

Just start practicing. One thing at a time.

Drink a glass of water.
Smile and tell someone they are special.
Go to bed early.
Get up early and eat breakfast.
Give someone a hug.
Eat a healthy snack.
Shop for healthy groceries.
Make a doctor or “wellness” appointment for a check up.
Take a brisk walk.
Put out that cigarette.
Buy a juicer or blender.
Make a dentist appointment.
Learn your family tree of health.
Sign up for a workout class.
Cook a new dish.
Read a book on anti-aging or subscribe to a newsletter on wellness. (hint, hint).>>>>>>>>>>>

Whatever you do, make it something that will have a positive affect on your life, your wellness, and how you feel about life when the day ends.

You control many aspects of your health. Take charge of them now.

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