Secrets of Gaining Lean Muscle for Women

Posted: November 7, 2019

I want to set something straight before you read on. IF you want to have a rockin hard body, that turns heads, keep reading. I’m going to share the secrets of gaining lean muscle for women so that you can look years younger.

Get ready to have a firm and round rear end, a tight middle and strong lean legs. The best part? This does not require hours of cardio or skipping meals.

Here is what you want to be toned and tight. Strong muscles that get bigger. Oh no! Did I see you almost click off of this post? I hope not!

You know all of the women that you stare at (and so do most men) that have those tight and youthful attributes. They are NOT afraid of the gym, or the weight room. They also don’t mind feeling sweaty and/or exhausted from pushing some weight.

They’re the ones that know that hours of cardio can lead to fatigue and too much stress on joints. Which brings me to the fact that girls that lift weights, age better, stronger and don’t have to count calories.

You are going to be a woman that knows the secrets of gaining lean muscle!


What I am saying is that if you think that running, zumba, cycling, or walking (ugh) will give you tight curves and a perky butt, you are sadly wrong. And, you’re stuck in the old school days of cardio only…AND, I want to enlighten you.

First, look at my before and after pix in this link THE FAT PICTURE IS ME WHEN I WAS A CARDIO QUEEN!

Yep. That fat picture was me when I ONLY did cardio and barely ate.

I am telling you this so that you know that it is impossible for you to get HUGE muscles just by lifting some weights a few times per week.

You don’t have the testosterone,  you are female. And, unless you take up a lifestyle of professional training as a body builder, you will not get “too big” or “too muscular”.

Here is the important part of this post, and the part you should REALLY pay attention to!

ADDING EVEN a small of muscle to your frame will raise your resting metabolic rate. So, even if you don’t want to join a gym, you CAN put on muscle. You can do it at home, and I have the plan that has transformed thousands across the country!

To be honest, I actually can’t stand repetitive cardio only workouts, and as you saw in my picture, it didn’t do any good when I thought I liked it

So please girls. Put on some muscle, eat some good, clean food (without labels) and turn your body from a fat-storing machine into a fat-burning machine.

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From a former “flabby girl” to a sexy woman that is 50+, I will help you do this!


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