Shrink Belly Fat Stretch this Muscle

Posted: November 2, 2016

Do you know that you can shrink belly fat while stretching this muscle?
Did you know that theres a muscle hidden deep within your body
that when tight can actually make you look like you are carrying 5-7% body fat MORE
then you actually are!
Even worse…
When this muscle is tight, all the extra weight
goes to your belly …making your waist look bigger!
The good news is
Theres a simple solution to quickly loosening this muscle which will:
– Decrease your waistline
– Make you physically taller and slimmer
– Reduce back pain or prevent it from happening
And…making this muscle more flexible, can actually increase your
confidence! If you sit at a desk and seem to have gained weight around your midsection, then this muscle is overlooked and can give you health issues from bad backs to bad posture!
If you want to see why this is so important and know how to loosen this
muscle up fast,
Close-up of an overweight female belly.
Close-up of an overweight female belly with weak muscles.

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Coach Dawn

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