Sick and Tired of feeling Sick and Tired?

Posted: April 4, 2015

Hello my sluggish friend,
My business name is Constant Energy Fitness. I am an energizer bunny AND I have an auto-immune disorder that makes most women tired and put on weight. It is commonly misdiagnosed in women over 35.

 It is hypothyroidism. Actually what my mother and I have is called  Hashimoto’s Auto-immune thyroiditis. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. You know what though, it doesn’t keep me down. I have taken over that stupid name of my disease and found the way to keep my energy levels up, and my weight down. I want to share the plan with you!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any real health issues. Maybe you just think that you are old. Maybe you think that since you are over 40 that you are “supposed” to be fat, or tired, or sluggish. Yuk. Time to get over that and wake up your body.
Do you know that if you add more veggies, add more sleep, add more water and add more exercise you WILL have more energy and less weight. 
I promise you that if you click on this blue link>>> I WANT MORE ENERGY!
and listen to my story. You will see how I did all the things that I did wrong, and I’ll be you have done them too. 

Here is the blueprint to fat loss that will get your youthful hormones back on track quickly!
I don’t recommend a strict calorie cutting plan.
I don’t recommend hours in the gym or lots of cardio.
I don’t recommend cutting out food groups or following the latest trend diet.
I highly recommend that you look at the 30 day plan that will have you dropping weight, feeling energized, getting your sexy and youthful glow back while you eat foods that you love!
What do you have to lose? Take a peek and see my picture of when I was miserable and had no idea of how to get a grip on my energy levels and my body.
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