Slowing the Effects of Aging

Posted: February 20, 2017

Aging. So much research has been done on slowing the effects of aging in the last decade that it baffles me that people still don’t think they have any control.

We have a lot of control over how we age, at what rate, and how we look and feel. It’s been actually known for years, maybe even centuries that certain things accelerate aging…and certain things slow it down. It all boils down to lifestyle.

If ¬†you smoke, drink, use drugs, and are sedentary…you will age at a more rapid rate and be more prone to obesity and disease.

If you exercise, eat an organic and/or healthy diet loaded with fresh produce and moderate amounts of fats and protein…you will not only look better, but your insides will work more efficiently as well.

Stop thinking that the best years are behind you, and take advantage of this powerful article from my good friend Dr. Kareem when you click the blue link below!



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Coach Dawn

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