Someday is Now!

Posted: March 20, 2011

Do you have a negative internal script?  Is that little guy on your shoulder telling you “I can do this”? Is your first response when you look in the mirror negative, or did you wake up this morning knowing that this was going to be a great day? Were you going to make great choices, or were you going to leave it to chance?  I believe that what we tell ourselves, is what we are.  There are so many ways to succeed in life, so many messages that we can say to ourselves to empower us, we just have to start using them.  A big part of why people feel bad about themselves is because of their negative internal dialogue.  I am constantly hearing people define themselves by their comments that they are used to saying…”I’ve always had a belly”, or I can’t eat just one piece of chocolate”, or “I hate working out”, ” I don’t have time”….blah blah blah!!! Choosing positive words, can have a profound effect on your actions.  We are a society that demands immediate gratification.  When we don’t see a quick change, after a small bit of effort, we repeat the internal negative message, “I knew this wouldn’t work”, or “I knew I couldn’t do this”, thus getting negative results. This perpetuates the cycle. You can stop it! Plan to succeed today.

Start by making short term daily goals, then go to weekly, and finally, make some long term goals. Enlist someone your trust, for support.  Imagine how good you will feel when you’ve achieved what you told yourself you were going to do that morning.  In the beginning, write down what you will accomplish the next day.  Plan your meals, plan your workouts, take charge of your health and energy levels. You can rid yourself of body fat, and fatigue! Let me tell you, it feels really great at the end of the day when you can say, “I did exactly what I planned today, and I feel great”.  Tomorrow is going to be even better!  Hold yourself accountable.  Keep a diary, or food log so that you can get used to planning. Keep an exercise diary. You can buy one at any bookstore, or download an app on your phone. See how great it feels to be in charge of your life.  Then set bigger goals.  Break out of your rut, and maybe try something new. Sign up for a yoga class, or a spinning class.  Subscribe to a magazine that is geared towards clean eating, and exercise. Maybe hire a trainer, or plan your first 5 K.  Then do it!  Will you have setbacks?… most likely, should they define the rest of the day or week, NO!  If you make a bad food choice, or don’t work out, do not, I repeat, DO NOT beat yourself up!  This is not about what you cannot do, but about what you can, and will do. This is about how you can turn your life around by making better choices on a regular basis.  Soon, it will become second nature.  Soon, your body will start feeling great, looking better, and responding in positive, energetic ways!  

Tonight when you go to bed, say…”I will start my day with a healthy breakfast”, then plan out what you will do to get your body moving after breakfast, possibly start with a morning power walk. Keep your goals small in the beginning, and attainable. Remember, this is the start of a whole new “script”. “I am in charge of my health,  and my fitness level”. This should become your new inner speech. Picture yourself at the end of the day, the sense of empowerment, the great feeling of success!  Then do the same tomorrow!  Now go make the plan, and put it in to action. I know you can.
Someday is Now!!

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