Spring cleanse for a leaner body

Posted: April 10, 2022

We all are dreading taking off the long sleeves and wearing less clothing after the last two years right? From stress eating to storing extra pounds, looking in the mirror does not make us smile, does it? My plan is a spring cleanse for a leaner body before summer hits, and I’m going to give you the tools to do it with me.

First of all, our bodies are loaded with toxins from the air, the soil our food is grown in, and the chemicals used to grow, and prepare food. Animals are fed a host of antibiotics, and hormones and are raised in poor conditions.

We breathe in chemicals all day and then use scented products to feel like things are clean and fresh. Are you aware that your body stores invaders, toxins, and chemicals in your liver and your organs, and they can make you feel, and look horrible?

It’s true. In order to have our bodies process and rid themselves of these toxic chemicals, we need to shift our diets, our lifestyles, and what we do to stay slim, active, and healthy.

I start every morning with these tips below, and JLAB Pro’s Ultra Cleanse that helps me rid my body of stored toxins so that my hormones, and systems work better:

Drink one glass of water with lemon to kickstart my digestive process, and boost energy naturally.

Do some form of activity for at least 10 minutes on an empty stomach, to boost blood flow to my brain, and body and wake up my metabolism. This can be a yoga session, brisk walk, or even a quick HIIT workout session

Dry brush my skin before showering to slough off dead skin cells. Following up with a deep moisturizer to seal in hydration.

Not only do hidden toxins invade our bodies thorugh our food, they are in our air, in our skin, and get stuck in our livers. When our livers are clogged, we suffer from everything from weight gain, to hormone imblances…brain fog, and even debiliating diseaes.

If you have a bloated belly, can’t seem to get that revived feeling, and feel that you have a lot of weight to lose…

Click here to check out what you’ll need to begin your Spring cleanse for a leaner body, and join me in feeling, moving and looking better within the week!

Get your body ready to look, move and feel great before the warm weather has us peeling off those layers of clothes. Don’t you want to peel of a few layers of flab and firm up starting today?

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Coach Dawn

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