Strong Body Flat Belly Moves

Posted: October 29, 2016

Over 40 and not involved in a strength training program. If you answered “yes”, I don’t mean to shock you, but you are already in the state known as “sarcopenia”….age related muscle loss. I am not just your run of the mill personal trainer. I co-own a gym with my husband (a Firefighter) that trains people from 35-81 and incorporates Strong Body Flat Belly Moves into every exercise we do.

As you age, your metabolic rate slows and you put on belly fat, due to several factors.

  1. More sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Not building muscle tissue.
  3. Eating a poor diet that causes fat gain and hormonal imbalances.

I have coached women and men into lives of eating for energy, and exercising for balance, a flatter belly and stronger core, and to have lean and firm looking bodies, well into their 80s!

What does one have to do to kickstart their metabolic rate and get a flatter belly?

Simple. AND, the best part is that it will take less than 10 minutes per day!

No exercising for hours. No cardio. No gym membership. No calorie cutting diet.

Strong Body Flat Belly Moves come from movement patterns that engage your core, back, glutes (buns) and legs and will torch hundreds of calories and sculpt your body back to youthful levels.

If you want to add lean muscle and toned curves, AND have access to a plan that gives you recipes for meals that will keep you full, energized, loving what’s on your plate and better than you have in years….


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Coach Dawn

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