This Freakin Stubborn Fat Around My Belly!

Posted: May 6, 2016

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Got stubborn fat around your belly? This is what I had to hear…“Dude you are seriously fat and out of shape right now” is what my friend said to me as I sat across from him in his car trying my best not to allow the sting from his comment to come raging out of me.
Things were not going so well for me at this time of my life. 
I had torn my ACL my senior year in High School, dropped out of college to come home and ultimately wallow in my depression. 
I had no job, I wasn’t working out and growing my sorrows on the couch watching reality TV and eating junk food all day long. 
And this mindset and lifestyle had seriously taken a toll on me. 
It truly was kind of sad for the kid who was the High School Football star to be sitting across from his buddy being lectured about “getting in shape.” 
I had ballooned to 275 pounds, nearly 70 pounds over my playing weight just a few years earlier. 
And even though my friend was 100% right, that day it really irritated me to my core that he was saying this to me. 
The High School superstar football player that grew up with all the talent and physical ability in the world? The kid that pretty much came out of the womb with muscles and the Adonis body?
That’s who he was talking to. The truth is I had become a shell of my former self and it was written all over my physique. 
I was miserable. 
And my body was showing it!
Especially in the area I struggled the most with ==> belly and lower back fat. 
In fact I had allowed myself to go so far off the deep end that the skin in that area had physically stretched to the point where to this day you can still see the stretch marks.
It’s a constant reminder of a more troubling time for me. A time where the term “fitness professional” was so far from my vocabulary it wasn’t even funny.
The silver lining of all this is it spearheaded a quest to seek out the absolute top body transformation expertise and information on the planet! 
And it really forced me to look at the very specific details of targeting fat in the areas I was struggling with the most. Those hard to reach and pesky trouble areas that typically hang out around your belly. 
Have you ever felt like “fat” just seems to pile up and accumulate in a certain area of your body?
Usually in the place where you hate it the most?
You see I discovered just how “stubborn” certain fat can be through my struggle.
Growing up I had always held a little more fat in the area of my lower back. But after I had ballooned to a higher weight it became even more difficult to lose fat from this area.
And that’s when I discovered the problem!
“Stubborn Fat” is physiologically a different fat than the other fat on your body. And the more you allow it to get plump by doing metabolism breaking exercise and crash diets, the harder it’s going to be to get rid of. 
In fact one of the worst things you can do (making stubborn fat more stubborn) is allow yourself to lose weight and then gain weight in this area. So having that “yo-yo” effect can be detrimental to your quest to uncover your AB muscles. 
Because each time you go through this process you intensify the resistance of this “stubborn fat” which is generally located right around the belly area. 
You know the areas where we all hate it.
The good news is I have discovered the formula to breaking down this stubborn fat and elevating metabolism through a specific sequence of abdominal exercises that will allow you to see incredible results to your AB muscles. 
We talked yesterday about the huge mistakes people are making that are causing them to get after instead of get rid of “stubborn fat.” 
But I wanted to tell you more about my story so you know I’ve actually been through this process before. And more than once.
So I know exactly how you feel. Down in the dumps and unhappy because you just can’t seem to find the formula to help you transform your body. 
The great news is you don’t have to search any longer. 
I’ve discovered the formula and I put the exercise script into the Razor Sharp Abs Program <<<=== Click Here 
It’s on sale for just about another 24 hours and then the price goes up. 
I’d like to help you shrink your “trouble-areas” and uncover your natural ab anatomy just like I got rid of those pesky “love handles” when I had thought it nearly impossible. 
The program works if you work it! 
Get your hands on Razor Sharp ABS today at a steep discount and start to incinerate unsightly fat around your belly so you can sport a sleek mid-section once and for all. 
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