Sugar Addiction

Posted: March 10, 2016

We’ve heard people say that sugar is addictive. Since drugs and alcohol are addictive, does that mean now that sugar addiction is just as bad?

But now there is hard scientific evidence to back that idea up. I
just finished reading about this, and could wait to share with

Especially if you deal with diabetes or any blood sugar issues,
this is important information.

A Princeton University scientist has presented evidence that
demonstrates that sugar is indeed addictive.

Prof. Bart Hoeble and his team in the Department of Psychology
and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute have been studying signs
of sugar addiction in the lab for years.

The study’s results have been submitted to The Journal of

So, what does this mean for diabetics, or those who want to
balance their blood sugar levels? Is it a hopeless case?

No way! You know me, I’m always looking for answers to these
kinds of problems. Here’s the deal…

Dr. Mark Hyman suggests the following steps to break the bonds of
sugar addiction. After you listen to the short presentation…make the choice to kick your sugar addiction to the curb and take control of your health so that you forego medications with horrible side effects and live a long and strong life when you CLICK HERE!

1. Eat a good breakfast with some protein like eggs, protein
shakes, or nut butter.

2. Eat smaller meals throughout the day, every 3 to 4 hours and
have some protein at each meal.

3. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Research shows that the lack of
sleep increases your cravings.

What’s even better is this news: certain natural herbs and spices
can dramatically lower your blood sugar levels.

Many people report they are able to bring their blood sugar back
into normal range, and even get off diabetic medications.

So yes, it is possible to beat the addiction and cravings for
sugar. And you can do it naturally.

In fact, there’s one common spice that you almost certainly
have in your kitchen cabinet right now that every diabetic should
know about.

This is just one of the interesting tactics described by our
trusted medical researcher and advisor, Joe Barton, in this free
video presentation:

==> The 1 weird spice that destroys diabetes

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