Sustainable meat at affordable prices

Posted: August 7, 2022

When you care about what you feed your family, animal welfare, and the environment, you can’t skimp on meat quality. There’s a huge difference between conventional meat from factory farms and pasture-raised and grass-fed meat. But, it’s hard to find sustainable meat, at affordable prices. Until now.

Wild Pastures is a new company that is changing all that by bringing affordable, sustainable, pasture-raised meat straight to your front door.

Here’s how:

Wild Pastures partners with local, American farmers who are raising meat the right way. These farmers are leading the industry in sustainable, humane, and regenerative farming – and they’re creating incredibly delicious beef, pork, and chicken, too.

Wild Pastures meats

Wild Pastures buys this amazing meat in bulk and passes the savings on to their members. Members get the best meat money can buy delivered to their door (exactly what and when they want) at below-retail prices. 

There’s no catch. So if you want sustainable meat at affordable prices, then click here and order today with me!

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Coach Dawn

And right now, you can save even more. Wild Pastures is offering our community a special discount: 20% OFF the Highest Quality Meat & Seafood in the Nation FOR LIFE!

Click here to learn more and take advantage of this special offer. 

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