How Harmful are GMO’s

Posted: February 14, 2019

There’s something that’s brewing in all of us right now, and it’s called inflammation. Sure, we know that there are toxins and chemicals in what we eat. But just How Harmful are GMO’s? Let’s see. With the rise in autoimmune disease, cancers, leaky gut, and chronic pain. You might ask…what the heck is going on … Continued

Energized Living with Thyroid Disease

Posted: November 3, 2017

Fatigue. Weight gain. Forgetfulness. Thinning hair and dry skin. If you are feeling like age is creeping up on you faster than ever, maybe it’s your thyroid. Women are 5 to 8 times more likely to be affected by Thyroid disease than men. It is also estimated that 60% of people with thyroid disease, don’t … Continued

Thyroid Secret – Dr. Izabella Wentz

Posted: March 8, 2017

The Thyroid Secret is hosted by Dr. Izabella Wentz and is the largest global event in history dedicate to understanding thyroid disorders. It is said that 1 in 3 are affected and either not diagnosed or misdiagnosed in America. From fatigue to brain fog, weight gain, chronic pain, autoimmune issues  and depression…the list goes on … Continued

Dr. Izabella Wentz – The Thyroid Secret

Posted: February 21, 2017

Thyroid issues affect over 20 million Americans, and this disease is on the rise. I want to share with you a brilliant FREE 9 part documentary from Dr. Izabella Wentz- The Thyroid Secret so that you can walk away with knowledge. I have a thyroid disorder. Hashimoto’s auto-immune thryroiditis to be exact. What does that … Continued

Fatigue, Weight Gain, Brain Fog – Got Thyroid Issues?

Posted: February 20, 2017

Thyroid issues are on the rise. From chronic tiredness, to doctors without answers…women’s bodies are under attack. If you are suffering from fatigue weight gain, brain fog or unexplained health issues , you might ask if you’ve  “Got Thyroid Issues”? Dr. Izabella Wentz is notably one of the leading authorities on thyroid disfunction. She has … Continued

Weight Gain & Thyroid Symptoms

Posted: February 18, 2017

It was SO frustrating. Every time I got on the scale to see if I’d lost any weight… the needle just went higher. All I was losing was hair! If this is you, then you don’t want to miss out. Weight gain & Thyroid Symptoms will be a thing of the past when you sign … Continued

FREE Thyroid Secret Documentary

Posted: February 16, 2017

Are you the 1 in 3 that suffers without any help? It is said that thyroid disorders are on the rise and that Thyroid Conditions and issues are often untreated. In this >>> FREE THYROID SECRET DOCUMENTARY you will discover if, when and how to heal. Who do you turn to when your doctor says that … Continued

FREE Autoimmune Summit

Posted: January 31, 2017

If you suffer from Autoimmune pain or illness, then I urge you to get on board today and sign up for this FREE Autoimmune Summit hosted by Dr. Peter Osborne. With over 35 Guest Speakers covering everything on autoimmune disorders, this is a series of talks that could literally save your life! CLICK HERE FOR … Continued

Pain Associated with Autoimmune Disorders

Posted: January 29, 2017

if you are suffering from chronic pain issues and can’t seem to understand why your body feels bad, read on. You don’t have to fall, or be “sick” to have aches and internal pain. Your body is speaking to you when it feels joint pain, stomach pain, and chronic pain so bad, you can’t function. … Continued

Autoimmune Pain Relief – Free Summit

Posted: January 28, 2017

Autoimmune Pain Relief is sought after more and more every day. From conventional doctors prescribing meds, to holistic care…people are suffering and want relief. I have an autoimmune disorder…Hashimoto’s. I have followed Dr. Peter Osborne for a long time, and found relief…now, you can too! Autoimmune diseases and the physical, chemical and emotional pain they … Continued

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