How to get the deepest sleep

Posted: July 24, 2021

SLEEP FACT: 50-70 million U.S. adults struggle with their sleep, and most likely you’re one of them. In fact, missing out on sleep affects hormones, weight, moods, and the ability to focus. You may have wondered how to get the deepest sleep but not been able to find the right answers. SLEEP MYTH: Consistently getting … Continued

How to Heal with Deeper Sleep

Posted: June 16, 2019

Without quality, sleep…we cannot heal. Our brains and bodies cannot function at optimal levels. We feel foggy, need naps…and can be irritable and depressed. I’m going to tell you how to heal with deeper sleep when you read on. Without at least 7 hours of rested sleep per night, our bodies produce the hormones that … Continued

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