Tastiest Detoxifying Greens Drink

Posted: February 26, 2017

Cleanses, green drinks and detoxes are everywhere! But…why to they all taste like mowed grass?! YUK! I will pretty much eat or drink anything in the name of health, however, even I have my limits. And it ends with green drinks. Thats why I am SO excited to share with you the Tastiest Detoxifying Greens Drink on the planet.

This drink is loaded with nutrients that will do everything from reboot your metabolism. to cleanse out the toxic invaders that are in our foods, air and soil.

From hormone imbalances to weight gain, most of us know that as we age…it is harder and harder to keep up with our health and wellness. With so many supplements on the shelves, and articles on health, how does one know what to choose when you want to keep it simple?

I have been in the health and wellness profession for 20+ years. I have a thyroid disorder and used to have a few extra pounds that wouldn’t seem to budge. I spent hundreds of dollars on books, classes and supplements along the way to increase my knowledge to be able to share first hand insight.

My mission is to help women and men over 30 make the best choices to live long and strong lives in a world that tricks us with fancy words and ads, getting us to buy “health foods.” I am tired of it, and that is why I want to help.

Forget blenders, and the clean up of trying to juice fruits and vegetables. With one simple step you can have some of natures purest and most necessary nutrients in one of the Tastiest Detoxifying Greens Drinks when you click the blue link and take a peek a the life enhancing ingredients in this greens drink!

Make being healthy and energized a simple and tasty step for the whole family.


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Coach Dawn

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