THIS stops fat in it’s tracks and being fat sucks!

Posted: December 31, 2014

Hello Friends,

Hopefully you have been spending times with friends and loved ones and are thinking about what the New Year has in store for you. I know that I am committing to even better health in 2015. I also am going to be an empty nester, as Craig and I send Jonah off to MSU! Go green!

Enough good feelings. I want to talk about the feelings that get you down. The feelings that your body and health have gotten away from you and I want you to discover how to raise your metabolism and fat burning potential with short home based workouts while eating foods you love!

Feeling great naked? Didn’t think so. Which is more depressing? Gaining weight, or losing it and gaining back even more the next time? If you have followed fads, you have broken your metabolism by cutting too many calories or maybe doing too much cardio.FINAL FAT MELTDOWN will show you how to fix it in less than 30 days.

Dieting doesn’t make your body feel good. It makes it break down. When you are broken down you feel miserable, maybe angry and embarrassed about how you look.

Dieting sucks. Cardio sucks and it’s an energy zapper. Believe it or not, when the two are combined, they suck the energy, the drive, the happiness and the ability to lose weight and keep it off right out of your reach. (see my fat picture in the link below when I was a cardio queen!)
You will never have tight buns or firm curves from dieting and cardio. You will only be a weaker, flabbier version of yourself, and that is not healthy. It’s time to look in the mirror and feel good again.

In less than 30 days, discover how to lose weight and reset your metabolism while eating more and not doing any cardio!

With Final Fat Meltdown you will train your body to dramatically alter your hormones to regain their youth with short workouts and real food that keeps you full and energized!

It will feel amazing to not have to buy that “extra” size up of jeans, or wear a baggy shirt so that you don’t see your belly. Check out how my clients have lost from 7-28 pounds in less than 30 days by eating foods they love, and feeling great the entire time! Discover which foods turn on your inner furnace and help you burn fat, when you click on the link below.
FINAL FAT MELTDOWN is what your emotionally exhausted, hungry and aging body needs to be fixed…and I guarantee that it will make you feel happier as you regain control of your weight as you see the pounds dropping off.

Here is an example of one of the daily workouts that you can do anywhere in less than 20 minutes that experts have shown will burn calories for up to 36 hours!

Tools – Bodyweight only
The Workout
30 seconds on 20 seconds off Workout
30 Seconds Bodyweight Squats
20 off
30 Seconds Push Ups
20 off
30 Seconds Alternating Split Jump Lunges
20 off
30 Seconds Push Ups
20 off
30 Seconds Jump Squats
20 off
30 Seconds Stationary Backward Lunges
20 off
30 Second Plank with no rest
right into 10 Push ups
Jump up with no rest to 5 Jump Squats
back down to 5 Push Ups

Rest 30 Seconds
Repeat 2-3 X
Workouts like this have been proven to torch more calories in 20 minutes than an hour on the treadmill!

This is your FINAL FAT MELTDOWN and it is only available for one more day at this affordable price. (way less expensive than a one hour session with me in our gym I might add! and you get a months worth of workouts!)
Add in the whole shebang, and when day 30 is up and you want to lose even more weight…you have more workouts, and recipes that will keep your body working like an efficient machine and make all of your friends wonder if you “had something done!”

Click on the link>>>>Final Fat Meltdown. It isn’t mindless cardio, it isn’t starvation. It’s your 30 day plan to program your metabolism to burn calories, lose weight and NEVER gain it back again. Isn’t it time you get your weight under control?

Wishing you tight buns and a flat bellied year ahead!


p.s. Don’t wait until Monday to start. Today is the day you are ready to discover how to look 10 years younger by getting off of the couch and kicking that fat to the curb.
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