Thyroid Disease Root Causes

Posted: August 25, 2016

Thyroid disease is on the rise. Until we understand the thyroid disease root causes, we will be suffering, and going from conventional doctor to doctor. Dr. Isabella Wentz is probably the foremost Dr.s that has dedicated her practice to why this country is producing more and more women that are  showing symptoms of thyroid disease, but not getting the help to heal. Below there is a very informative video with Dr. Izabella Wentz that will help you get on track to figuring out what questions to ask, who to see for help, and what you can do to get to your Thyroid Disease, Root Causes.

I have been diagnosed with not only thyroid disease, but also Hashimoto’s Autoimmune thyroiditis. I had few minor symptoms, but a lot of the common symptoms. I was a gym owner, and ate a very healthy diet, however I had chronic joint pain, hair loss, would all of a sudden “hit a wall”, and even though my weight was stable for many years, over a three month period a few years back, I gained 13 pounds. Now, 13 pounds might not be much for most of you. However, I am 5 ‘ tall and very petite. My weight fluctuates by 2 pounds weekly. So, the week that my pants felt tight was a little normal, so I cut back on carbs. The week later, I was up by 5 pounds. After feeling super tired and irritable (not sure if it was the weight gain ha ha or my hormones)

I made a doctor appointment. When the PA at my doctor’s office replied with “well, you ARE 50” to my now 8 pound weight gain in 5 weeks…I nearly cried! I knew that thyroid disease root causes were not something that conventional doctors knew about. I questioned the doctor and she gave what I called “very lame” answers…replying with that I needed more medication…I wanted to know “why and how” to heal my thyroid….when the doctor was irritated with my questions…I knew that I need to do my own homework and maybe my own healing!

Even though she knew I had thyroid disease and was concerned with my thyroid and metabolic rate…she made me feel worse.  I knew that I had to find someone that would help me feel and look better.  I Spent the next 6 years searching for information, and healers, so that I could not only feel better and live a healthy life, but to help other women. That is when I found Dr. Izabella Wentz and her Thyroid Disease Root Causes books and videos.

I quickly lost that 13 pounds. I lost it after following Dr. Wentz and her protocol, (and a few other key healing thyroid advocates) and have never felt better, looked better or been more energized. Now, I am the “go to” girl for women that are suffering. I coach women into a lifestyle of enough exercise (not too much) and the right kind of foods that can heal, and nourish your body and thyroid so that you can look and feel better than you  have in years!

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And Click on the link below and listen to why what you might be doing (or your doctor) that is making your symptoms worse, instead of better, if you suspect you have thyroid disease.

Thyroid Disease Root Causes

Take your health into your own hands. You can heal your body with the proper nutrition and exercise. Sure, you might need medication, but that will not be the only thing that gets you on track to weight loss and healing.

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