Thyroid Related Weight Gain

Posted: December 28, 2019

Conquer Thyroid Related Weight Gain before putting on another pound!

Battling with weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, and frustration are symptoms of hypothyroidism.

It seemed that one day I was able to keep the weight off. Then within a year, it was piling on making me feel horrible and hopeless.

My doctor said I was “on the fence” with hypothyroidism, and that I should exercise more. She only did a series of basic tests, and couldn’t answer any of my questions.

She only knew “textbook” ideas to give to her patients that didn’t involve lifestyle changes.

Heredity is part of the problem. And my mother was diagnosed decades earlier, so I knew that I was most likely going to follow her path.

Unfortunately, she was told to take medication for life, and nothing she did would matter.
Boy were they in the dark ages!

When my doctor refused to acknowledge my symptoms…I spent years with naturopathic health professionals asking questions. Spending a lot of money, but getting solid answers!

Luckily for all of us, what happened over the course of the next few years was amazing.

Here’s me at 59 after years of battling fatigue, weight gain
and other thyroid-related symptoms.

Exercising more was not the answer. Eating less made everything worse. My thyroid-related weight gain was slowing down and my body was responding to changes that I learned about myself.

After several years of being the “go-to” girl, gym owner, blogger, and creator of other women’s digital products. Now I was the “thyroid expert.”

Helping women that had questions about hormones and aging…weight gain and fatigue…seemed to become my mission!

That’s when I created THE THYROID FACTOR.

This is a blueprint of how to get the right answers, have the right questions and help your doctor determine what is the best treatment for you.

Maybe you don’t need medication. Possibly you do.

The biggest factor in your own body’s health and well being has to come from you and the steps you take to heal on your own!

No-one will care more than you, and no-one can make a difference than you.

Arm yourself with the most powerful tool to gaining confidence when it comes to your health.


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