Tight Hip Flexors Cause Back Pain

Posted: February 18, 2019

Back pain, protruding belly, loss of endurance and slouching are all caused when hip flexors are tight.

Unfortunately, a lot of doctors will not even think of this muscle when you tell them you are experiencing the issues above. Thankfully, there is a follow along video series that you can access to alleviate the pain when you click HERE TO UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS

Sedentary jobs and sitting can cause this muscle to shorten. When this muscle is short, we can limp after sitting, and experience issues that don’t seem related.

However, there are exercises and stretches that can alleviate pain and help to lengthen this hidden muscle that causes back pain. Athletes, and those involved in physical therapy including massage target this. The muscles I am referring to are the HIP FLEXORS.


To unlock your hip flexors, you must do several things. First, you must locate the area to be stretched. Then you must methodically follow a series of stretches in order to loosen this tight band of tissue.

Massage is a great way to target locked up hip flexors. Foam rolling and stretching are other ways. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to stretch let alone find this muscle. It is THAT deep.

Hip flexors control a lot. From how straight you stand up…to how much your belly sticks out. Unlocking tight hip flexors is the key to overall health and wellness, including performance in life and sports.

For a follow along series of stretches to UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS, CLICK HERE.

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