Tired of Conflicting Information in the Diet and Fitness World?

Posted: September 12, 2013

Are you tired of trying to find information that you can make sense out of regarding dieting and fitness? One day you read that egg yolks are bad for you the next day you “must” eat them. Next month everyone is fasting, and the month after… even the idea will make you store fat! This week everyone is running, but your best friend would never run and only lifts weights. Where does one find the best information? Who do you ask, and who do you believe? Are all bodies created equal? Is yours different than most? I am sure at one point you have asked yourself some of these questions. Unfortunately, most of our information comes from either our friends, or Oprah, and now…Dr. Oz.  Unfortunately most people fall prey to some company that can gain millions, with perfectly worded ads that make us buy their “miracle product” that will change our bodies overnight. We are smarter than that.

 I never get my information from the person, or company selling the item. I LOVE to research. Sifting through information is probably one of my biggest passions. Searching for answers to help us live longer, stronger and better is my goal. And it is my goal to share.

 I for one love to research and play devils advocate. I love to find the top sources in the world of exercise science and sports medicine.  I love to find what the top researchers in the field have found out. If I have to subscribe to 5 top medical journals and get information from university library’s to get the most up to date information on how our bodies work, and why they don’t, I WILL DO IT.  I  have the time, I make the time, and I want to share it with you. After all, what good is knowledge if it is not shared. With more than 25 years of hands on strength training, personal training, coaching and a background in sports nutrition, I can get you on the right track to be your best ever.

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