Toning and Firming Workouts for Women

Posted: January 24, 2021

If you are working from home all day and watching Netflix all night, chances are, you’ve experienced excess weight gain. Please keep reading because another day of low calories will not help. I created Toning and Firming Workouts for women because women are getting softer and squishier.

Your metabolic rate is dormant because you are lacking the ONE tissue that is responsible for keeping the flab off.

Have you vowed to stop drinking and to cut back on carbs? All that will do is make you focus on what you are missing. When we focus on what we can’t have, we forget what we need to look younger and have a firmer and more toned body.

Do you want to weight less, or, do you want perky buns, a flat tummy and a strong body with killer posture?

Doing cardio only burns calories. Doing toning and firming workouts for women, is what you will get in the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret Program. They are the movement patterns that you can do at home in under 10 minutes.

Your metabolism is stalled because you are lacking what men have that let’s them be able to eat what they want. It’s also the tissue that’s responsible for letting them drop 10 pounds in a week, while we struggle to lose 2.

As we age, women lose this precious element due to aging and sedentary lifestyles. You may be great at your job, a fun and caring mom, a great cook and follow a healthy way of eating.

But, if you don’t prevent muscle loss, and only diet and do the wrong kind of exercise…you’ll age fast.

I married a guy 11 years younger and he thought I was younger than him.

Slow the aging process and turn back the clock starting today, so that you can feel good about how you look – and firm up fast.

My body was transformed quickly when I got off of the treadmill, and gave up naming my diet! Now, I eat a lot of superfoods to boost my energy levels and my body looks and feels so much better! And, just so you know – I exercise a handful of times per week at home.

Here is a great test that you can read more about on the next page when you CLICK HERE. Can you balance on one leg with the other foot raised and hold that pose without putting your foot down?

If you wobble around, it’s because your core, your glutes (your rear) and your body is weak. Women lose about 8% of their muscle mass after 40 each decade and it leads to falls, an aged appearance and worse. It leads to a flabbier body that looks old, and makes you look as if you don’t care about your appearance. I know that you do!

Check out how to shift your body to toned and firm, youthful and strong when you click HERE!

You deserve to move, feel and look great, at every age!
Coach Dawn

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