Top Anti- Aging Tips

Posted: February 6, 2014

Anti-aging has become a top buzzword these days. From the top fitness shows, to skin care creams to superfoods, the words “anti” and “aging” seem to go together. Of course there are those that pay no attention and say things like “well, your going to get old no matter what.”  There are also those that soak up every bit of info and put it into action to stall  the aging process. That would be me!

I come from good genes. I have very youthful and active parents. I am passionate about vitality, and want to prevent disease. I am a bit of a control freak as well, so I like to think that I have some say so in  how my body ages, not only if it will. I want to know what keeps us vital from the inside out. I research what keeps us from losing muscle as we age, brain power, drive and how to prevent a rapid decline. I want to take care of myself later on in life. I not only want it, I am preparing for it.

Since I should have invented the post it note due to the fact that I have not lived without a list since I was 13…I am going to give you a list of my top 10 Anti-Aging tips. It might be a food, it might be a thought, but I warn takes some effort. After all, if you just let aging happen, you will be sitting in your rocker in the nursing home trying to remember your youth.

 I on the other hand will hopefully be hiking on some sunny adventure with someone or a group younger than myself, husband and son in tow. I will have my energizing snack with me, my pure water, and will be strong enough and interested enough to try something new. I will be strong and youthful. What is your plan?

Here is my list of 10 Top Anti-Aging Tips. I encourage you to try adding these on a regular basis!

1.  Eat a nutrient dense diet.
Every cell in our body depends on our intake of critical nutrients. Therefore, we must stop dieting and cutting out the wrong calories.  Eat sources that nourish the brain, the body and the mind.
Top choices that might surprise you to add to your diet :

Dark organic chocolate for mood and cardiovascular health.
Avocados/Nuts/Coconut Oils for healthy fat metabolism, satiety, and hormonal balance.
Lean Proteins from Fish/Free Range Chicken/Grass Fed Beef/Plant based Proteins as in Sunwarrior (available on this page) that repair and rebuild muscle tissue.
Beans/Lentils – for fiber, healthy bowels, to ward off heart disease and stabilize blood sugar
Fruits and Vegetables – for antioxidant properties that range from heart and brain health to great skin

2.  Drink at least 8 glasses of purified water and/or mineral water daily. 
Without water, cells die. Energy levels plummet. Skin gets dehydrated. Mental and physical performance is diminished. Spring, mineral and purified waters are best.

3.  Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
The body only repairs and recovers when at rest. That does not mean sitting in front of a computer or watching TV. That means quality sleep. The more active you are, the more sleep you need. If you are over 40, supplement with Melatonin and keep all lights off. Turn off computers 30 minutes before bedtime to disengage the brain.

4.  Challenge your Brain.
From new books, to classes, to new ideas, to music. If you keep doing the same thing daily, you will be left in the dust. Try something that makes you really think. A new recipe? A new musical instrument? A language? Why do you think kids are like sponges? They are always eager to learn and try something new! Try to love and learn about technology! Keep learning and using your noodle!

5.  Challenge your Body.
There is not enough room in this blog for me to stress how important this is. If you want to take care of yourself and not end up in a nursing home due to physical disabilities, then PLAN on getting stronger by starting a strength training program. At any age, anyone can get stronger. After 30 years of age, we are losing about 5-10% of our muscle per decade…after 50 it increases to 20% UNLESS you are lifting weights or putting a demand on the body that it is not used to. Hire a trainer, do a class, forget cardio only…lift weights and learn how to do it without injury so you don’t set yourself up for issues later on in life. Plan on getting stronger. Or you will get weaker.

6.  Consume Greens in all Forms
From spinach to leafy greens, kale and green peppers. From powdered greens like spirulina and chlorophyll, to wheat grass and all the phytonutrients that our bodies thrive on. These powerhouses detoxify and oxygenate our cells with anti-aging and energizing powers. Eat them raw, cook them, and add the powdered organic ones to smoothies. I prefer Ormus Greens from Sunwarrior. (click on the Sunwarrior tab on this page).

7. Add Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation to your day. 
Let’s face it, life is stressful mentally and physically. From what we throw ourselves into, to what we cannot control. We need to find peace. Find some daily time to breathe deep and relax. No TV, no computers or  cellphones. Maybe a candle and some calming music? Just find the calm, then stretch your body and mind to a restful state. About an hour before bed is optimal to do this.

8.  Spend time with a Pet.
It has been proven that people with pets have lower blood pressure and better coping skills. With the unconditional love of a pet, it might be a little extra work, but no-one gives their love more freely!

9.  Sunscreen!
Nothing feels better for the mood and on the skin than sunshine. However, nothing speeds up wrinkles and sunspots than the sun. (maybe other than smoking). Look at the skin on your body where the sun never hits. Pretty smooth, pale, and spotless eh? If you are outside, you need a sunscreen. Cloudy, Winter, or Daytime…use a broad spectrum sun block with at least 30 SPF always!

10. Look into Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 
 A Wellness Practitioner that specializes in this field and treats symptoms related to hormonal imbalances can get you on the right track. As you get into your late 40’s when youthful hormones plummet, we start to gain weight associated with aging that usually settles around your middle. This sets us up for disease and health issues. If we are following a nutrient dense diet, are exercising and are having issues with mood, sex drive and weight gain…have your hormone levels checked. There is a lot of information backed by valid medical and holistic science that has shown that HRT improves the quality of life, mood and body composition when a patient is treated.

I could go on and on with many other ways to fight the aging process. Yes we all will age. But the times are right to arm yourself with solid anti-aging tips that will keep your youthful looks, mentality and vitality working for you! Just put these tools to work and enjoy the years to come! Stay tuned for more ways to get strong, stay strong and live a life full of energy!

In wellness and strength!


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