Top Exercises for Fat Burning, Weight Loss, and Building Muscle

Posted: April 26, 2013

Let’s start a plan the works on fat burning, weight loss, and building muscle all at the same time. What kind of plan would that be? A plan that keeps the heart rate up and the muscles engaged. A plan where you don’t spend hours on the machines, or tons of time doing cardio. This plan works. This plan is  for changing your body. Why will it change your body? It will make a difference in your body because you will use compound movements that use more than one muscle at a time. Bigger muscle groups that will spark your metabolism for many hours after you are done with the workout. If you have been following my previous posts, then you surely know by now, bigger muscles burn more calories. When you build your muscles, they do the calorie burning all by themselves. They even burn calories while you are sitting on the couch, or at your desk at work all day.

Add 1 or 2 from each section to make up a full body workout. Do 6-8 reps of each with enough weight to make the last 2 reps difficult. Go for one warm up set, followed by 3 working sets of each. So lets name the exercises that should encompass most of your workouts, and get your body building that muscle that will change your physique by Summer!

Warm up first with some foam rolling and some easy stretching. Do a bit of light running in place, and jumping jacks to get the blood flowing for about 5 minutes. Then go right into the workout!

Cardio   (each one of these should be done for about 15 seconds)

Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Jump Squats

Squats  with Barbell or Freeweights
Stationary Lunges
Walking Lunges
Goblet Squats

Pull Ups
Bent Over Rows
Inverted Rows

Push Ups
Push Ups with Elbows Hugging Rib Cage
Push Ups with Hands Wide
Push Ups with Punch at Top (As you come up, punch air with alternating fist)

Chest Presses with Barbell
Chest Presses with Dumbbells
Chest Presses with Dumbbells Single Arm

Stability Ball Planks
Stability Ball Crunches
Side Planks

Here is a basic list of exercises that WILL make a difference. Make sure you really pay attention to form and the muscles you are working. Give it your all. Do this often. Make sure you follow other posts on how to eat for fuel and fat loss. Share this site with like minded people that want to see their bodies change quickly!

Watch your body get stronger, tighter and leaner!!


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