Posted: July 10, 2012

Training shapely, athletic looking legs is a must for a fit, hot looking body! Not all leg workouts are created equal. Most people in the gym are either cardio maniacs…….or sit on machines and wait for their legs to transform. This will never work. The leg is a complex body part, with many parts attached that have everything to do with how they work, and how they look. The hips, the knee, the front, the back, and the ankle are all things and parts to be considered when working the legs. We are genetically predisposed to have a certain bone structure, and to possibly have a certain type of shape. Don’t let mother nature get in your way of having legs that are lean, muscular, and functional.  Don’t sit on a machine doing mindless reps and think you will progress. Work your ass off, (pun intended, as your butt is another part to consider when training legs) and you will be surprised at what changes you can make!

Here is a basic list of things to consider when training legs.

1. You must train the front and the back.

Front squats target mainly the front of the legs, or quads.
Back squats target the quads, the hip flexors, and the glutes.
Deadlifts target the hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back and the hip flexors.
AND, depending on the type of Deadlift, can target specific areas a bit harder.

2. Whether you want size, shape, lean, or whatever…..mixing it up is how you will get the best results.
For size, you would use lower reps, more rest between sets, and heavier weight.
For shape, and leanness, you would use moderate weights, high reps, and little rest. You could also use interval training for lower body.
*Let this not be confused with very low weights! You must challenge the legs with heavier weights from time to time to add muscle to change the shape.

3.  Compound Movements as in walking lunges, jump squats, dead lifts, and leg presses work the entire lower part of the body.

4.  Unilateral, or single leg movements can help with imbalances, and core strength.
Step ups onto a bench, stationary lunges and pistols are a great way to train in this fashion.

5.  Side to side movements are great for hip abductor and adductor strengthening, using elastic bands is a great aid to this.

Cables that attach to machines, then around your ankle is a great way to singly train each leg.
Kickbacks, and side to side movements target the whole leg, glute and hip flexor. Not to mention the core workout from keeping the body stable.

Walking, and running will never CHANGE the shape of your legs. Only when you add muscle, to your legs, or any other body part will the shape ever change. Get off the treadmill, and really get into a leg training routine at least 2 times weekly.

Change is possible for anyone! It just takes a bit of sweat, some dedication, good nutrition, and some patience!

Have fun, chart your progress, and watch the transformation begin!

Be safe, and smart, and let me know how you are doing!!

Helping you to be your best!

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