The Truth about Hollywood Cosmetic Surgery

Posted: May 16, 2019

When it comes to the red carpet…most of us want to see the clothes right? Now come on. Let’s be honest. What we really want is the truth about who looks best in Hollywood with the latest cosmetic surgery.

We want to know who has done what…and we want to know the truth.

As a woman that is nearing …ugh…ok, I’ll say it. 60! I have to admit that I have had botox, and I had filler in my cheeks 4 years ago. I also had laser treatment to remove sun damage that made my face look like someone took a torch to it! Not fun, not painful… but worth it.

From the Kardashians, to Paltrow, Giselle, and Katy Perry…us gals want to know who did what, if they’d do it again…and maybe, what we’d do after reading this.

If you ever thought that only the pretty girls get the job. Or, that only the gals with the best bodies make it to the covers…then CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE TOP 12 CELEBRITIES HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THEIR COSMETIC PROCEDURES.

Then take a look in the mirror and decide. Are your expectations possible? Or, do you need to just workout and stay out of the sun. Are you nearing 50 and you’d like to look more revived? Or, are you uncomfortable being intimate and know that a procedure would change your confidence?

There are many things to think of when deciding if cosmetic surgery is for you. It is personal. It is for you. But you should always research, get more than one consultation…and know what questions to ask before making a decision.

My personal thought is this. If you want to look more revived and refreshed. Great. If you want to turn back a few years…that’s understandable. But… if you want to look like the cover of a magazine…the read this article and see what comes with that price.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love, for life!

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