Turmeric – Reversing Chronic Illness

Posted: September 29, 2016

Turmeric has been used for centuries for reversing chronic illness in India, Bali, Africa and Jamaica in Ayurvedic healing. This spice has been used for calming inflammation, chronic liver disease, fevers, joint pain and internal inflammation.

It always amazes me when something is written about often as if it “is new.” Turmeric should be in every household, and used on a regular basis, BEFORE you have chronic health issues.

As we age, our “life cells” shorten and get weaker. These are known as telomeres. Studies are now showing promising results that we can slow down the aging process and practically reverse aging. and chronic health issues. Unfortunately people wait until they are very sick to do anything, and that usually involves a trip to a conventional doctor and medication with horrible side affects.

Turmeric is an inflammation fighter. It is used for reversing chronic illness and can be one of the most powerful “superfoods’ that you add to your daily regimen of good health.


Don’t wait until you have pain, illness or something that keeps getting worse. Whether it be internal inflammation that you cannot see..or joint pain and swelling…Turmeric can calm the fires without a single side affect.

All turmeric is not created equal, just as all supplements are not going to help you. All vitamins are not absorbed and most of them just get flushed down the toilet  and are a waste of money.

The delivery system of supplements is key in whether you will absorb a supplement, or sorry…just pee it out!

Today I am sharing not only a supplement that I use 3 times daily, but one that doesn’t have a horrible aftertaste like most liquid turmeric does. PURA THRIVE Turmeric literally is the best turmeric on the planet.

Please take care of your body now. Don’t wait until you are having chronic issues. We all die from inflammation of one kind or another. Get your body into a state where it wards off illness and pain, and keeps you living long and strong so that you can enjoy a vital life for many years to come!

Your coach and friend in fitness,


p.s. My parents are 80, and 81…they LOVE this form of turmeric and mix it into tea, shakes, or drink with lemon and water…just like me! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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