Turn Off this FAT STORING hormone

Posted: October 21, 2015

Steady paced long cardio is a fat storage promoter. What?! I know, you have been lead to believe that treadmills, running, and boring cardio will help you LOSE fat and weight. Well, sorry to burst your bubble (and maybe that belly LOL), but take a look around any gym. All of the overweight people are on the treadmill when you get there, and still on when you leave. Every single day. Wondering WHY they cannot lose the flab. The truth is that they are helping to promote the storage of it. Especially if they are over 35…

Now, take a look in the weight room. Or the room where the people do bodyweight exercises…what you will see is sculpted, lean and sexy bodies. You might even see one single girl that is “in the know” about NOT doing cardio to get the body she wants.

Belly fat? Won’t go away from cardio alone. You are actually forcing your body to produce MORE of the belly fat hormone, Cortisol…Flabby legs and jiggly buns? Let me tell you, they will keep on jiggling and you might even be surprised to see that you will even get fatter if you ONLY do cardio. I know that you are feeling mislead and hopeless, as I was too. That’s why the women that I coach are now listening and feeling happier than ever as they have adapted to my super easy plan…that you can access HERE! 

Hormones are the keys to permanent fat and weight loss. I will turn 56 years youthful tomorrow. I used to be a cardio maniac and was on a path to obesity… Until I discovered how to manipulate my hormones with a small shift in how I ate and how to exercise so that my hormones worked for me, instead of against me.

Notice I did not say with a diet. 

The best part? I used to exercise for at least over an hour EVERY day when I was flabby and miserable. I only work out for 20 minutes a few times per week now and you can too!
Check out my pictures and my plan so that you can start sculpting, toning, and feeling younger than you have in years when you click HERE!

Sharing ways for us to look and feel amazing as we age!

Happy Birthday to me, and may your next one have you looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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