Understanding Weight Gain During Menopause

Posted: December 17, 2018

Menopause is usually a time when most women feel like their body is taking over and they have lost control. With a few simple tips and a blueprint of how to feel like “you” again…understanding weight gain during menopause won’t keep you down for long.

As women, we know that hormones are a part of life from the time we start our first period. From a bloated belly, to food sensitivities…our days seem to revolve around our cycle.

Understanding weight gain during menopause is not as hard as it seems once you realize you can ward off the menopause belly. Although this fat is harder to get rid of than most body fat…preventing it is the key.

Asian woman’s fingers measuring her belly fat on gray background.

It’s not about starving and exercising for hours. It’s kind of a “secret” that I have shared so many times with women in my inner circle, that I decided to create a digital blueprint that you can ACCESS WHEN YOU CLICK HERE.

Actually, I have found that women that are trying to lose weight do it all wrong! But it’s not your fault that what used to work before won’t work now. Not only that, you may have caused your hormones to malfunction. All you need is a bit of understanding weight gain during menopause and learning how to unlock your potential with my tips.

I used to exercise for hours and actually ended up causing adrenal issues, and forcing my body to store fat instead of burning it for fuel. Then I added in trendy calorie cutting diets, and omitted so many foods that I was exhausted on top of hungry all of the time

If you are sick of every next trend that comes along and want something that helps your body work to fight off menopause belly and bellyfat gain…CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER HOW.

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