Unlock Hip and Back Pain

Posted: January 11, 2020

A bad hip or a sore back after sitting seems to be “the norm” if you’re over 50. It’s literally one of the most common reasons people are prescribed pain meds. The key to a happy and mobile life is to unlock hip and back pain.

Pain medication adds to medical issues instead of taking them away. Instead of prescribing movement, massage and exercise, doctors give you a pill.

How many people do you know (and it may be yourself) that have been helped and are now better due to pain medication?

I know none.

There is a muscle that lies deep within your body that no-one ever mentions.
Actually, your orthopedic specialist may never have said these words to you.

“It’s your hip flexors that are the issue.” And, here’s what you need to do to release the tightness and give you your mobility back.

My doctor never said that. Actually, neither did my old massage therapist or my physical therapist!

The truth is in order to unlock hip and back pain, you’ve got to get deep inside to the hip flexors.


If your pain makes you sleep less, tired more and irritable…you’re not alone.

You may have symptoms that you don’t even think are related to your hip flexors as in fatigue, a protruding belly and a poor sex life.

These symptoms are associated with chronic deep locked hip flexors. Hip flexors control many movement patterns that you need to have, to live.

When they are locked…you’ll lose sleep, feel pain and stiffness and not be able to live as you want.

Luckily for you, an expert in injury healing and prevention has given us both a chance.

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