Unlock Menopause Bellyfat!

Posted: August 15, 2016

Does the mere mention of the word menopause bellyfat make you want to cry? Do you suddenly seem to have pounds of excess flab stuck to your middle despite all efforts to lose the weight? If you would like a very do able plan to unlock menopause belly fat, then keep reading.

Women over 35 have been doing things wrong for years with the quest to lose weight. In fact, when I was in my late twenties and early thirties…I was practically living on the treadmill and exercising for hours, as the weight kept on creeping up. I was dieting, miserable and tired. Then I found out how to get my hormones to work in my favor, BEFORE they even started to change. As I have gotten older, I have gotten leaner, more confident and sexier…hey, ask my husband that is 11 years younger!

Menopause bellyfat is harder to lose than any other fat. It is loaded with hormones and cutting calories and hours of exercise will not do a thing to help you lose it. You need specific exercises and an easy nutrient timing plan so that you can drop the weight while staying full from foods that are not usually on a diet list!

In the last 20+years, I not only have been a guest speaker at women’s events and been invited to summits promoting women’s health and happiness, I have helped hundreds (actually thousands!) unlock menopause belly fat.

If you are tired of wasting time on unused gym memberships, and slaving away on the treadmill and still cannot get results, AND want to reclaim your sexy body back CLICK HERE TO UNLOCK YOUR FAT BURNING POTENTIAL!

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