Want to Lift and Tighten Your Buns?

Posted: March 27, 2014

Want to lift and tighten your buns grabbed your attention right? Feeling a little saggy these days? Not loving the view from the rear? Well then get off the treadmill people and grab a bell. A kettlebell that is. A tool that will lift, chisel and tighten your rear is a great tool to have. So, lets look at what will shape up those glutes and put the plan into action the next time you see a kettlebell, and don’t know what to do with it.

First and foremost, a kettlebell is not to be used as a free weight. Almost all kettlebell moves are generated from the hips, with power and force to propel the kettlebell up. What that means to your body if done in the right form, is glute power! From the perfectly executed swing, to a deadlift with a 18kg bell, your glutes will be engaged with every move. Here are some of my favorite moves that I do with my girls. But hey boys, don’t X out yet….there is nothing worse than a guy with a flat butt and a nice full back. So….grab a kettlebell and shape up your rear view!

Kettlebell Swings – This basic of all kettlebell moves is the beginning exercise to learn. From the hip hinge back to the powerful pop forward. What stops you is the tight core and most of all the tightening of the glutes when this move is executed perfectly.

Goblet Squats – Holding a kettlebell at chest level, with legs far apart and toes pointed out. Drop the glutes toward the center while keeping the chest and chin up. Lower with control while squeezing the glutes upon rising. Tight buns are waiting at the top of every contraction.

Kettlebell Deadlift- One of my personal favorites. This move is great for everything from glute and hamstring strength, to lower back strength and stability. This move can usually be done with the heaviest of the kettlebells in your workouts… but only if your back is kept flat. Starting with the kettlebell between your feet, keeping legs straight, and chin up as you execute this move.

 If you want to lift and tighten your buns, these are the moves that will make your rear go from saggy and low to high and tight! One word of wisdom form a tight bunned girl. First, stay off of the treadmill if what you want is tight muscle. Second, use a heavy kettlebell that makes you HAVE to tighten your buns. I am 5 ‘ tall and weigh 113, and I use a 16kg bell for swings, a 10kg bell for goblet squats and a 20kg bell for deadlifts.

Spring is right around the corner. Will your body be ready?

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