Weekend Workout Quickie!! ( Burn a lot of calories, in just a little time!)

Posted: December 14, 2011

Got your attention didn’t I. Well, it’s no wonder that we put off working out over the holiday weekend with all else there is to do. I have the same conversation that you do, however, I ditch that negative little monster voice, and go for the burn. I have the same voice telling me that I have a thousand other things to do, but I plan my time efficiently, and get my workout done 1st thing in the morning. I do a quick, intense, complex workout, that utilizes my time to my advantage. I also know that this type of workout, will keep the afterburn cooking…..long after I have left the gym.

This was the kick start to my day this morning. Takes about 30 minutes.

Warm up w/5 minutes brisk walking on treadmill.
Mobility drills, for joints……5 minutes.

1st set, 10 reps each, no rest between exercises.
Squats w/ 45 lb bar
10 stationary lunges w/10 lb weights
10 jump squats, bodyweight only
10 walking lunges, bodyweight only
10 bench presses, 45 lb bar
10 lat pulldowns 50 lbs
10 push ups
10 bent over rows 20 lbs

Repeat this sequence 3 times, with a 3 minute break after upper/lower set. Add 5-10 lb increment to each exercise, for 2nd and 3rd set, when it does not designate bodyweight only.

This workout can be altered to your degree of strength. The idea is to use enough weight that you are very fatigued at the end of the set, and could not go on without a short rest. Do not use so much weight, that you have to sacrifice the fast pace of this workout. Keep your movements smooth, but quick. You will know after the first set, if you need to add, or lessen the weights.

This workout is fast, effective, and if done with little rest between each exercise, can torch calories that you  ate last night, or will add soon enough in a holiday celebration!
Don’t fall into the group that gains weight over the holiday’s. Enjoy the feel of sweating off the fat, getting stronger, and staying fit, no matter what time of year it is.
Learn to say yes to a few favorite treats, and no thanks to ones that are not worth it!
Take pride in your health, your body, and what you can control.
Enjoy the weekends, the sun and fresh air.

In health and strength,

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