Weight Lifting for Stress Reduction

Posted: May 30, 2011

We all have stress right? But what are your means of getting rid of it? Some people eat when they are stressed, some people drink, some people withdraw (and eat and drink). But one thing is for sure, everyday life has a lot of things to be stressed about. I have luckily a not so stressed life. I am very fortunate to have two great careers, hair styling, and personal training. I love both. However, there are things that sometimes get under my skin, not often, and not every day, but the best stress reliever for me, is going to the gym. I can walk into the gym with my i-pod, and a plan, and get so into my workout, that I forget whatever it was that made me tense before I got there. A good powerful song, and some blood pumping through my veins, is what I do for myself, to stay grounded, and strong. I go to they gym, and use my intensity to get through a few extra reps, and add some weight, and that’s how I calm myself. I focus on my breathing, being in the moment, and leave any negative feelings behind. I do this for me, no-one can take it from me, and no-one can do it for me. I am on my own, and it is a feeling like no other!

Use your stress to work for you. If you are already in a vicious cycle of eating too much, and drinking too much, STOP. Save your drinks for special occasions. Happy times, healthy times, not time alone when things have you mad or bummed out. Get control of your emotions. Relieve your stress with a plan to feel good about yourself. Only you can make your life better, healthier, and more peaceful. Start something you haven’t done before. Sign up for a boot camp, or a class. Hire a trainer at your gym, and learn how to lift weights properly. You can do a full body workout with a swiss ball, and a pair of free weights.  Get your blood flowing for the right reasons, not your blood pressure! Breathe deeply, lift weights to feel strong and empowered.

Stress is a silent killer. Grab your i-pod, pump some iron, and kick stress to the curb. Your heart, and muscles will thank you!

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