Weight Lifting for Women…. 20 Reasons Why you Should!

Posted: January 6, 2013

Why is it that I still have to defend weight lifting to women? Why do women still think that they will get bigger if they lift weights? I am still shocked that people, especially women still buy into the quick fixes. They still think that there is a magic pill. A secret that they don’t know about. A little weekend special that will make them have a faster metabolism. A fast, a detox, or a diet, that will whip them into shape. Never has been, never will be. The only thing standing between you and your metabolism, is the negative image in your head with weight lifting. The facts have never changed. Here are a few to think about. When you are done reading this post. Women, girls, ladies, seniors, chicks, or whatever you like to be referred to, get in the gym, get strong, and lift some weights!

1. Women do not have the amount of testosterone that men have, so they will NEVER get really huge muscles from weight lifting alone.

2. The more muscle you have, and the less body fat, the higher your resting metabolism.

3. To see any definition, there must be a lower amount of body fat, combined with a demand placed regularly on muscles.

4. To build muscle, you have to keep on increasing the demand you place on the muscle. That is how it will grow.

5. Using a very low weight, with high repetitions will NOT build a bigger muscle. It will create muscular endurance, but not a bigger muscle.

6. Bigger muscles burn more calories.

7. By adding even a small percentage of muscle to your body at any age, you can raise your metabolism.

8. Women that lift weights have a lower incidence of osteoporosis related decline. Meaning stronger bones.

9.  Women that lift weights, can eat more, and NOT gain weight.

10.  Weight lifting women have shown in studies to have less depression, and a more active sex life! (most likely since you feel good about your body)

11. Women that keep using small weights, that use the word “tone”, will never create a sculpted, firm body.

12. Women that lift weights can keep progressing to heavier weights, and not fear getting bulky. Only firmer.

13. Women that lift weights have better balance, and better posture as you age. Preventing falls, while carrying  themselves with confidence.

15.  Stronger women are seen as more capable, and outgoing.

16. Women that lift weights, can take care of themselves as they age.

17. Women that lift weights prevent age related sarcopenia. The medical term used to describe muscular deterioration. It has been noted to be around 5% per decade. (wonder why we gain fat, and feel frail?)

18. Women that lift weights are more competitive, giving them an edge in a male dominated society.

19.  Women that lift weights sleep better at night.

20. Women have stronger, fitter, and tighter bodies that lift weights. More so than runner, spinners, and cyclists.

If these are not enough reasons for you to get in the gym, and start a weight training program, then you should read the list again!

Get strong, and live the fat free, energized life that you deserve!


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