Weight Loss and Fat Loss Forever!

Posted: April 28, 2011

Do you know how or what to eat to prevent hunger, and weight gain? Are you completely in the dark about how the body burns through the food you eat, or stores it as fat? I have written in previous posts about the thermic effect of food, but there are some simple facts that anyone can follow. Facts that can keep your body an efficient fat burning machine, or what you probably are now, a fat storing one. There are some points to understand, that when finally realized, can change your entire physique, and the future of your health. Better yet, it is scientific advice, based on what the body does with the food you ingest. If you are constantly hungry, and always giving in to cravings, then this is for you. If you are in this vicious cycle of what is referred to as “carb addiction”, then this is for you. By going on constant diets, restricting calories, and then binge eating……you train your body to store fat. If you are living on a diet of bread, pasta, sweets, and anything that the body recognizes as sugar (as in all carbs)….you are raising your blood sugar levels to heights that once again, will train your body to store fat…..you crave a quick fix of a carb, and you are now in a cycle of a miserable life of weight gain, and lethargy! If your carbs are slow digesting ones as in brown rice, sweet potatoes, and vegetables…….you stay full longer…now pair this with lean proteins, and you are on to keeping your blood sugar level….,staying full longer…..and what is even better, you turn your body into an efficient machine. Efficient at burning fat, and NOT storing it.

There are so many plans, diets, and books on advice. Some of them are so science based, that you feel you need a degree to make sense of them. Some books and advice sound, and are too good to be true, or have bizarre food combinations that are hard to follow and unrealistic. I have done quite a bit of research, for most of my adult life on this subject. I understand people want quick, easy, and they want the truth. I believe I have found the easiest, best plan to date, THE DIET SOLUTION. I usually don’t like anything that starts with the word “diet”, but in this sense, it means nothing more than how to eat,….to use your food as fuel to be burned for energy, and NOT stored as fat. Very simple, very “user friendly”. This could be the most useful tool you ever check out that can change your life, your body, and your health, once and for all!!

Click on the top right of the screen, check out the video, and make a commitment to yourself to change, today!

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