Weight loss approach need some tough love?

Posted: January 6, 2015

Happy New Year my fitness friends!

With the New Year in right in front of you, NOW is the time to take control. A little tough love and a big look into the mirror might be the kick in the ass you need. I am not a Jillian Michaels when it comes to my plan with my clients. I believe that a more “empowering” approach works. However, if you take a look at what you have been doing to your body and are happy and proud? Great. Now, if you have completely lost control and need to regain it. Be real. What you have done in the past doesn’t work. You need to start the year off fresh. Realistic steps toward a healthier and fitter you. That is what I do for a living, and that is what has proven to work for my clients. 

I am a task oriented person. (ha! ask my husband). I personally wish that I invented the post it note since I have been taping paper to things with lists on them since I was 13. Nothing feels better than planning, and then crossing off what I accomplished during the day. Are you a task oriented person? Do you wish that you were? Maybe you want to get more organized, but aren’t sure how. Maybe you want to start eating healthier, and exercising but don’t want to join a gym, and aren’t sure what to shop for. After all, the information IS overwhelming when it comes to how to eat. 

I have been asked by many clients to create a product that takes them through the steps to get healthy. When you are healthy, you are more energized, sleep better, have better sex, and don’t carry around extra weight! Doesn’t that sound like a happier life?

Instead of looking at what you have not accomplished, lets put all of that behind you. Starting today, why don’t you take on my plan that has proven to be a success for many (see many testimonials on how energizing this plan is) and get your health plan moving forward.

The best investment in the future will be the one you take today to ensure that you are fit, energized and well as you take on the New Year!

Get ready to cross off “fat body” “poor eating” and “fad dieting” off of your list forever as you take back your youth and take your body to a fantastic level of fit withFINAL FAT MELTDOWN

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Program your body to burn calories, lose weight and NEVER gain it back again!

The best of health is waiting for you in 2015, starting TODAY!


p.s. The only thing you have to lose is your muffin top!

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