Posted: June 19, 2011

You’ve lost weight, now what? If you did it sensibly, meaning using a nutritionally sound diet, and exercise, you need to know the next step. The most important, and misunderstood factor. How to keep it off. We are so consumed with calorie restriction, and fat free, sugar free diets, that we don’t realize what a perfect machine our bodies can be, when fed the right ingredients. With proper nutrition, mixed in with different forms of strength training, we can keep off the weight. It is of utmost importance that your nutritional needs are in tune with your activity levels. Knowing how, and when to adapt your new diet is what will keep you on track. Are you a power lifter, that works out with the utmost of intensity, 3 times weekly? Or are you a yoga master, with a job in an office? These factors play the largest part in choosing your nutritional plan, BEFORE, and AFTER, you lose weight. Obviously you will need to gauge your intake of food with your activity levels. Some days you might need more calories than others.

 If you lost weight too quickly, and were only concerned with the number on the scale, this can backfire. You need to slowly start to add more lean protein, and vegetables loaded with fiber and dense nutrients that will keep you full. Water needs to be a huge part of your new daily plan. Studies have shown that people consume up to 20% less calories if they drink 2 cups of water BEFORE a meal. The idea is to plan your meals ahead, so you can avoid temptation and don’t revert back to old bad habits!

 Another major key in keeping off the body fat, is to up the intensity of any type of a workout. Were you walking 3 miles a day in addition to your new eating plan? Great, now get over the plateau, and add a 30 second sprint to every half mile. This boosts your after workout fat burning potential. If you have just started lifting weights, then change it up with a circuit (see prior posts) and keep your heart rate going, your muscles pumping, and burn fat for up to 36 hours after the workout.

You planned to lose weight, and succeeded. Congratulations! Now do what most people don’t think of. Plan your new life around healthy choices. New ways to reward yourself for your hard work. New workout plans to keep your muscles challenged, and new cooking choices with colorful, vegetables loaded with nutrients and fiber, and lean proteins to build and preserve your muscles, and help you burn fat. If you have a day where you fall off the wagon which most any human will do, don’t beat yourself up, just move on the the next healthy choice! Learn to coach your new thinking into looking forward to tasty, energizing meals, not what you have to sacrifice! Which after all was a body that made you feel, and look bad, and a possible future of health conditions that are preventable. Forget counting points, weighing food, or meals sent to your home that are already prepared! Learn to love your newfound passion, YOU!

Now look in the mirror, smile, and realize how great this feels! You have the power to keep this feeling, and this new look!

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