Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Posted: January 22, 2017

The scale. One of the worst methods of charting your path to a leaner and fitter body. Unfortunately it is still the most common method that the average person uses when seeing “if they lost weight”. Weight loss is deceiving. It makes us smile for a moment…but when that moment of weight loss is gone a week, or month later…we are worse off than we started.

I am going to change your mindset from weight loss….to fat loss.

Here is a list of what a scale tells you, followed by what a scale does NOT tell you. You are smart. So, after this blog post, you will be equipped to move forward with lightning speed, and get to your goals QUICKER….and for life!


What the scale tells you.

  1. How much you weigh.

That’s the list!

What the scale does NOT tell you.

  1. How much of your bodyweight is muscle.
  2. How much of your bodyweight is fat.
  3. How well you sleep. (lacking sleep turns on hunger hormones)
  4. How sedentary you are.
  5. How fast your metabolic rate is.
  6. How your clothes fit.
  7. How strong you are.
  8. How flat your belly is, or how much fat is surrounding your internal organs. (the deadly visceral fat that is connected to chronic disease)
  9. If you are just a flabby, weak “skinny” person that weighs less…..OR, a strong, balanced, vital person that will get better with age, instead of weaker and sicker.

Losing weight seems great. Losing fat IS fantastic, and will not only make you look and feel better….it is how you will kick an aging body to the curb, and feel fantastic at ANY age.

Of course if you need to lose over 40 pounds…the scale does come into play. However….nothing tells the truth more than a before and after pic…or a pair of jeans.

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Sharing ways for us to live long and strong, in bodies we love…at ANY age!

Coach Dawn

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