Weight Loss Water

Posted: February 1, 2017

Drinking water is one of the biggest components of weight loss. Or, is it? What if you kept drinking water, and you still had extra pounds showing up, even though you were exercising and eating right?. Do you know that your body could be filled with a toxic substance that prevents you from ever losing a single pound? My friend Derek was actually detained from one of our meetings due to being hospitalized. I never knew that his hospitalization would bring him to discover a glitch in his system could be cured with “red water”. Now Derek has coached thousands of people to reduce belly fat while looking and feeling amazing with his weight loss water.

I know, this sounds even silly to me. Weight loss water?! Yeah, right. Let me explain.

We all have have internal systems that have to be balanced to work. Whether its’ your thyroid. Your adrenals. Your hormones or your metabolic system…if they are clogged, they will not do their job. Furthermore, if they are loaded with toxins and chemicals that are lurking around your intestines…you will be tired. You will not be able to lose a single pound. And, it will get worse as you get older. Your body is holding onto a “sludge” inside and it is preventing you from reaching your flat belly goals.

If you are walking around with a bloated belly…keep reading.

Water is a huge key to flushing toxins. But…what if you could add a few special “ingredients” into a glass per day, and watch the pounds flush away? What if you could start this detoxifying process today and wake up tomorrow with a flatter belly and more energy?


You can.

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