What exercise burns the most calories per minute?

Posted: January 21, 2015

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As usual, a lot of people want to know what burns the most calories of all exercises. I already did some research. However, most people don’t have a kettlebell at home, and the kettlebell is the answer.

The kettlebell swing is one exercise that burns at least 15 calories per minute. We use kettebells in our gym and oh yeah, the swing is an exercise that your whole body feels. 

2 other exercises that will do the same are jumping rope, and barbell squats.

That’s right, all 3 are completely different exercises and although they burn the same amount of calories per minute,they use different muscles.

1. Jumping rope is more of a power/endurance move. It involves lungs, arms and the bouncing motion to get you up off of the ground. 
2.  Barbell Squats can be performed only if your form is perfect. You can use the bar as a beginner and as you get stronger add weight. This move has been considered “King” for many years in the weight lifting community and is one of my favorites. Balance, every muscle in your lower body, power, core strength and what a way to lift and round out your buns!  However, there is a better chance of injury with this than the other 2 moves, so proceed cautiously!
I love the kettlebell swing. For proper form in a video format, look on YouTube at Lauren Brooks the Kettlebell Queen. Here video tutorial is fantastic for beginners. You can purchase a kettlebell from PerformBetter.com and I would recommend nothing lighter than 25 lbs for women. You want to burn calories right?!
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