Which is More Important, Diet or Exercise?

Posted: October 31, 2023

If you are trying to start a healthier lifestyle, you may be wondering about this question. Which is more important, diet or exercise? Let’s explore both below.

There are several practices that we can put into place that will either slow down aging or speed it up. You may be a smoker and not active, and that for sure will age you, and most likely shorten your life. Or, you may live an active life, and be mindful of nutrients…this will most likely help you live with more vitality.

We used to think that how we aged, was all about our genes. Now, with the technology, and advances that we have available to us, we know that lifestyle is what matters most. Doctors, nutrition experts, and health gurus all agree, that what we eat, and how much we move will determine how long we will live.

Unfortunately, for the average person, knowing what diet to follow, and how to exercise, is still a mystery. It’s no wonder we are confused.

The information available to us is still so conflicting, that people either follow extreme diets or give up. As far as exercise goes, the confusion is no less.

I wish people would realize that you don’t need to follow a diet with a name or have a personal trainer to be healthy. Actually, following an 80/20 rule works for most.

What is the 80/20 rule? It’s eating a nutritious diet that you are mindful of 80% of the time, and 20% of the time eating for “fun.” It can also mean, 80% of your days are devoted to being active, getting stronger, and balanced…and 20% is spent doing nothing.

Balance is the hardest thing to come by. People are hell-bent on naming their program to their friends, more than worrying about the long-term results.

Life is not a race. Your health does not have a start and end date. But, most of us do not make our health a lifestyle that is part of everyday living.

Instead of saying you need to lose 50 pounds, or have to “get healthier,” pick daily steps that lead to long-term goals.

How about simply thinking of what your body needs that it is missing? Forget cutting out entire food groups – think of adding new ones!

Add in more veggies, more herbs and spices, and cook at home more.

Swap out water with a splash of cranberry juice for a soda pop. Tell the waitress to hold the bread basket, and add an extra side of veggies, or a salad. Every chance you can add more veggies, or fruits, say “YES!”

Every one of us needs to have a stronger core, a more flexible body, and better endurance. Whether you are 30, or 75…we are all getting older. How fast you are aging, is what matters.

Inflammation is the culprit of poor diets, bad health practices, and not doing anything about it. Make choices that quell the fires and keep your gut health in check. The health of your gut is where you’ll make massive changes in your life, and your wellness.

If you have been inactive, or know you are weak, studies show that a strength training program will be the most effective. Start using bodyweight movements, then move to resistance bands and free weights.

Which is more important, diet or exercise? The answer is both. You cannot eat a healthy diet, and sit on the couch and live a long strong life. Just as, you cannot be a hardcore weight lifter, and eat junk food, and expect to live healthily.

Incorporate small actionable steps daily that lead to big payoffs. Add more nutrient-dense foods, and spend less time sitting.

It doesn’t have to have a name, just be mindful of how much time you pay attention to what you eat, and how much you move.

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