Winter Flab Got You Down?

Posted: April 12, 2015

Hello Friend,

If you live anywhere near me (Michigan), you are excited to see the weather finally break, and the sunshine come out. You are loving an open window, some fresh air, and a walk with your dog! 

On a not so exciting note, you most likely are not looking forward to showing off any skin due to a winter that left you eating a lot of comfort food. A cold and long season usually makes us pack on a few extra pounds, and a day like this makes us wonder “how did I get this fat!”

Do not despair!  I have a solution that will have you feeling energized and optimistic that you will be able to peel off some layers without embarrassment. A simple plan that costs less than a single session with a personal trainer, and has hundreds getting results… in less than 30 days!

Not only is this the plan I use to get and stay lean, tight and energized, it is the plan that hundreds of others have used to shed unwanted pounds. A plan that involves zero cardio, and let’s you eat foods you love!

Enough talk. Time for action. Action that can start the minute you decide that you want to take hold of your aging hormones, turn back the hands of time, and regain that sexy body so that you can rock out that bikini at the pool.

Click HERE to say “goodbye to flab and comfy clothes”, and “hello” to a body that makes you proud. (and makes you look like you never said yes to potatoes and sweets!)

Your friend in fat loss,


p.s. the only reason you should not click HERE is if you are fine with what you look like in the beautiful sunshine, in tight shorts and a tank top! Might want to just take a peek!

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