Women over 40 – Skin, Body, Hormones

Posted: July 2, 2018

It’s amazing how fast the time seems to fly. Especially when looking in the mirror after 40. I know. As a woman over 55…(ugh!) I am surrounded by women over 40, skin, body hormones and complaints.

That’s exactly why in the gym that I co-own with my husband, I only coach women over 40!

I love the fact that I can coach women to be better, and leaner with youthful bodies that get strong. Stronger instead of weaker. Leaner with flatter bellies. Making conscious┬ádecisions about food and lifestyles…and more balanced when it comes to hormones and life.

Now I am not bragging. But what I can say is that I have the ability to see the best inside of each woman.

I have had women cry because they want to lose 50 pounds…want to lose the belly fat…want to feel loved…and want to like themselves again. That’s the part I LOVE!


We all want the same. As women, we sometimes get overwhelmed with the way things seem to be, not able to look past our faults and dreams. Not able to see that we are perfect.

I want to invite you today to be part of my powerful group of women. Whether you enter your email in the spot above and take advantage of my free newsletter that I send a few times per week…OR, want to have me coach you personally.
I am here for you.

Better yet. YOU are here, and I hear you.

Take the time today to tell yourself that you are already great. Look past your imperfections. Look at what a wonderful person you are to so many.

Today hug yourself first then either email me that you are ready for a change, or enter your email and get on board with the other women that are ready to take charge.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong…in bodies and lives we love,





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